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Old-Fashioned Bake Sale

I spent today in a little apron peddling baked goods to passersby in the name of “Darcy Society”. Darcy Soc is a society I’m a part of at uni dedicated to period drama, Jane Austen, Colin Firth and the like. Being an enthusiast of all things nineteenth century, I’m naturally quite a fan of Darcy Soc, so I gladly spent four hours baking last night. And all went well – ’twas a success!

Though the society predicates that we’re appreciating pre-twentieth century culture, visitors to the stall nevertheless seemed to think I was dressed in costume to get in the spirit. I think it was the apron that did it. One particular old woman complimented me on my Elizabeth Bennet costume.

Here are some photos:

The very aesthetically pleasing stall. Check out that adorable banner.

Manning the stall with a fellow Darcy devotee.

We named the baked goods.

Philosopher’s Scones! Oh wow, such fantastic naming.

The gorgeous Jesse dropped by in a fantastic outfit as per usual.

Bake sale turned into impromptu picnic with Jesse and Tim.

Dress – vintage 50s, bought in Camden Passage, London
Cardigan – Topshop
Necklace – vintage 50s, part of a set bought in Retrospeed in Newtown, Sydney
Apron – vintage 50s, bought at the 2011 Fifties Fair in Sydney
Belt – secondhand, bought in Portland, Oregon
Hair flowers – Accessorize
Tan Fishnets – Accessorize
Shoes – “Office”, bought in Cambridge, UK

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Swing Dancing, Frivolity!

I look forward to Mondays quite fiercely these days, for Mondays are the days I dance around in an old church hall, twirling and holding hands with men. Swing dancing is delightful! I’ve only been to three classes, but already I feel a considerable sense of accomplishment, and can quite competently dance the Charleston to Elvis music alone in my bedroom (I’d ideally be at a 1950s prom with a powder blue-suited partner, but I suppose we make do and mend). My joy in this new pursuit is amplified by the pleasure of having so many of my friends decide that they too would like to learn the Lindy Hop. Consequently, there is a veritable posse for the swing dancing classes, and a post-swing gelato run. Marvellous!

I save some of my more swishy skirts for Mondays, and this week was no exception. Here’s what I wore to swing dancing this week, as well as a peek at my well-dressed friends.

This photo makes me look like Thumbelina, but I promise I’m not really that tiny. I blame the high angle photography!

Swishing skirts with my dear swing dancing companion Jesse, who was sporting a rather fetching 1940s ensemble.

Jesse and Tim: the power couple! What a well-dressed pair!

What I wore:
Dress – vintage 1950s, bought in Camden Passage, London
Cardigan – Alannah Hill (old season)
Belt – second-hand, bought in Portland, Oregon
Petticoat – vintage 1950s, from Coco Repose in Surry Hills, Sydney
Hair Flower – Sportsgirl
Tan Fishnet Stockings – Accessorize
Shoes – “Office”, bought in Cambridge, UK

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Fifties Fair

I have been anticipating the Fifties Fair at Rose Seidler House for quite some time, and I was thrilled to finally be all done up with my petticoat squashed into the passenger seat on my way to the fair. My best friend Bella and I had spent several hours pinning our hair and fastening our garter belts in preparation for this intense vintage experience, so it was with glee that we caught our first glimpses of victory rolls and cat eye glasses.

The fair was a glorious experience as per usual! Though the weather was a little schizophrenic, the crowd had cleverly accessorised with frilly umbrellas and parasols, so no hairdos suffered. Everybody was startlingly well-dressed, making the competition for the best-dressed quite cut-throat. It was hair flowers and seam stockings at every turn. Rose Seidler House was a stunning background to all the gossiping rockabilly girls and swing dancers. It was worth the inconvenience of removing your shoes to take a little tour around the house and drool over the furniture.

Rockabilly bands played all day, making me impatient to perfect my swing dancing (I’m on my second class!). A gorgeous rockabilly boy in a leather jacket asked me to dance before the parade, and I wish I could have said yes, but alas, my inadequate grasp of the lindy hop impeded on this pleasure!

Ok, here are the photos! They are predominately stolen from various internet sources, and I shall credit where possible (I admit I don’t quite recall where most are from).

Bella and I before packing off to the fair.

The outfit in all its splendour!

Posing with one of the girls I met in the parade, Coco (what a perfect 50s name!)

Some of the swing dancers!

Walking in the best-dressed parade! ’twas quite a moment.

My adorable friends Jesse and Tim competing for best-dressed couple.

The best-dressed contenders. (Taken from the North Shore Times)

My outfit credentials:

Dress – vintage, bought in Camden Passage, London (I think it’s early 60s, but I took down the hem)
Sunglasses – vintage 50s, bought at “The Emporium” in Greenwich, London
Jewellery – vintage 50s, bought at “Retrospeed” in Newtown, Sydney
Gloves – vintage, bought at “Retrospeed” in Newtown, Sydney
Handbag – vintage, bought at “Shag” in Paddington, Sydney
Seamed Stockings – authentic 50s, bought at “Grandma Takes a Trip” in Surry Hills, Sydney
Shoes – “Heyraud”, bought in Paris

’twas a wondrous fifties celebration! I’m already scouring Etsy for next year’s outfit.

For more photos, stalk this gallery and try to remain calm.


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Flitting about Cambridge

I finally caved into my egotism, and have decided to chart my forays into vintage style in a more regular, convenient and aesthetically appealing way than mere blurry iPhone pictures. So welcome, reader/s!

For this inaugural post, I wish to share with you some photos taken by my lovely friend Teni whom I met while taking summer school classes in Cambridge, UK. She’s a photographer in Portland in Oregon, and asked if I would be in some shots she wanted to take around Cambridge before she left the beautiful place. They came out so startlingly well that I decided to begin this blog. Let us enjoy the photos!

I’m wearing a vintage/retro dress I bought from Jemporium Vintage in Cambridge. I wasn’t too optimistic about the vintage scene in Cambridge, but I was pleasantly surprised to find this store, as well as Ark, which had a wonderful floor of mid-century vintage. If you’re ever in Cambridge, have a forage in both these places, as well as at the market, where there are antiques and such. Apart from that:

Cardigan: Alannah Hill (a few seasons/years old)
Sunglasses: new, purchased in an alternative/goth fashion store in Guernsey
Stockings: What Katy Did
Shoes: Office
Bag: from Portobello Rd markets, London

If you want to check out more photos from that shoot, or more of Teni’s photography, visit here.

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