Flitting about Cambridge

I finally caved into my egotism, and have decided to chart my forays into vintage style in a more regular, convenient and aesthetically appealing way than mere blurry iPhone pictures. So welcome, reader/s!

For this inaugural post, I wish to share with you some photos taken by my lovely friend Teni whom I met while taking summer school classes in Cambridge, UK. She’s a photographer in Portland in Oregon, and asked if I would be in some shots she wanted to take around Cambridge before she left the beautiful place. They came out so startlingly well that I decided to begin this blog. Let us enjoy the photos!

I’m wearing a vintage/retro dress I bought from Jemporium Vintage in Cambridge. I wasn’t too optimistic about the vintage scene in Cambridge, but I was pleasantly surprised to find this store, as well as Ark, which had a wonderful floor of mid-century vintage. If you’re ever in Cambridge, have a forage in both these places, as well as at the market, where there are antiques and such. Apart from that:

Cardigan: Alannah Hill (a few seasons/years old)
Sunglasses: new, purchased in an alternative/goth fashion store in Guernsey
Stockings: What Katy Did
Shoes: Office
Bag: from Portobello Rd markets, London

If you want to check out more photos from that shoot, or more of Teni’s photography, visit here.


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