Father’s Day 2011

Today was Father’s Day, so I indulged my father and finally followed through on my promise to go boating with him. I think the first time I made such a promise I was still wearing tracksuit pants embossed with tweetie bird insignia, so it’s been a long time coming. ’twas was a glorious afternoon on the Hawksebury River with the fam. I had control of the iPod, so played some Kitty, Daisy & Lewis for the boat ride out, and some Elvis for the boat ride back in. Forcing my music taste on family members is one of my favourite things in life. I also made a comical attempt at fishing.

We stopped for lunch at a curious little place called Spencer, which serves as an odd sort of self-imposed exile for those who live there, given one must drive across a mountain to reach it, or else arrive by water. Nevertheless, there is a lively general store/”restaurant”/pub/video shop by the wharf, where the waiter is a fourteen-year-old schoolboy with a rat’s tail haircut, and it’s BYO plates. I attracted some stares as I gracefully (read:clumsily) alighted from the boat and swanned in to order a burger – I don’t think they see so many cat’s eye sunglasses at the Spencer general store.

And here is my attempt at a boat-appropriate outfit:

Dress: vintage 50s, bought in Camden Passage, London
Crochet Cardigan: thrifted in Sydney
Earrings: vintage 50s, bought at the 2011 Fifties Fair
Belt: second-hand, bought in Portland
Tan Fishnets: Accessorize
Flats: Accessorize
Sunglasses: vintage 50s, bought in Greenwich, London

But seriously, check out these clip-on earrings. I wish I had a better picture of them – this was my mother’s idea of a “close-up”. They’re divine!


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