Berrima: The Purchases

So I went a little wild in Berrima. I always seem to find better antiques and vintage items in the countryside; the stores aren’t so depleted as those in the city, and I theorise that the older demographic means better donations. I also like that the stores don’t prey on me with exorbitant prices.

Here are my purchases!

1) Three bakelite bangles – about $5-6 each. My first legitimate bakelite bangles! There was one glorious basket just filled with them, so I picked out these three to colour-coordinate with various outfits.

2) Four hat pins – $5. I’ve been needing some hat pins.

3) Three pairs of fully fashioned stockings – $5 each. What a find! Though I lust after them, I find fully fashioned stockings from What Katie Did a little too expensive to justify, so this was perfect. AND they’re original 50s. So chuffed.

4) A cute little German brooch – $15. I think I’ll steam it to restore its shape and such, but otherwise this brooch is so adorable. I’m feeling it’s very 40s.

5) Hairnets – $2 -3 each. In Peppergreen Antiques there was an entire cabinet filled with vintage hair accessories and beauty products. It was amazing! I nearly bought some bobby pins, but reasoned that I’d simply lose them. Hair nets will be useful, I feel. They’ll help me wait out the time until I eventually cave and order a snood from etsy. Plus check out the cute packaging!

6) A pair of green gloves – $5. The green has faded, but I enjoy the weathered look of this pair of gloves. They’re also wonderfully warm. All the other pairs of vintage gloves I own barely keep me warm when I take them to cold, cold places, so these will be good for wintry escapades.

7) The coat! Oh, the coat! – $80, and worth the minor extravagance. I was very impressed at the price of this coat, for it’s absolutely divine! I don’t have a photo of the coat alone, so here I am channeling Soviet Russia.

Voila! Such a splendid haul for one day, and not terribly expensive either. Here are a few more pictures to revel in:

And finally a little feature on my friend Rachael who I neglected to include in yesterday’s round-up, and whose vibrant red stockings should never be left out of any photo set:


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2 responses to “Berrima: The Purchases

  1. Bex

    OMG! I have to hit Berrima, what a find!

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