Black Cherry, October 15

Last night Black Cherry was on at the Factory Theatre in Marrackville. It’s a subculture sort of event, bringing together rockabilly ladies and gents, psychobillies, goths, punks and the like. I’ve always been intrigued, but this is the first Black Cherry event I’ve ever actually attended.

It was totally enjoyable; there were burlesque performances, retro DJs, bands, etc. Whilst the entertainment was great, the most exciting part was not the performances but the people. Having never been to Black Cherry before, I was stunned by the intensity of the crowd, and so impressed by how well-dressed the attendees were. There were so many fabulous reproduction 50s dresses and corsets it was almost unbearable. Seriously. I was overwhelmed.

As a precursor to the event, my lovely American friend Erin underwent a glamorous transformation to 50s belle. I did her hair in victory rolls, dressed her up, she slicked on red lipstick, and voila, Erin glided into Black Cherry looking fabulous. We took fun before and after photos. I should warn you of the poor lighting and dreary backdrop, but they are photos nonetheless.

Erin chose to look as melancholy as  possibly so as to channel those sad before photos they use in ads for acne/diet products.

What a babe.

And here’s what I wore to Black Cherry:

Dress: Bettie Page Clothing
Fully fashioned stockings: What Katie Did
Shoes: Bloch
Hair flower: Sportsgirl

Note that I had my hair died black again! It’s nice to be so dark – it helps me along with my mission to look as pale as possible à la Dita von Teese. I went to Sterling in Surry Hills, where my stylist helpfully set my hair in curls as well so I was prepped for Black Cherry.

I’ll be posting again soon about the Love Vintage fair I went to today. I picked up quite a haul of things which I’ll share with you, as well as some photos from the fair. Until then, ciao ciao!


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5 responses to “Black Cherry, October 15

  1. Ha, ha. Love those “before” and “after” pics! What a difference! You both look amazing!!! 🙂

  2. You guys look great! Did you have a good night? I was hoping to go to black cherry but couldn’t make it. We’re definitely going for their NYE party though it looks amazing!

    I think I saw you at the Vintage Fair. Sorry I didn’t come to say hi. I’m shy and didn’t know what to say! I hope you don’t think I snubbed you!

    • Michelle Garrett

      Thank you! Our night was lovely. I particularly loved The Beards who sang an entire set all about beards – hilarious! I’m thinking about going to the NYE party as well, so I’ll potentially see you there.

      I didn’t see you at the Fair, I’m sorry! What were you wearing? I’ll see you at Old Hat anyway, so don’t fret. We seem to cross paths frequently, so next time we’ll bond!

      • I was wearing a black 1950s dress with little white pink and green flowers on and green gloves! I’m pretty sure I spotted you I definitely spotted Tim who was looking dapper as always!

  3. You both look gorgeous!! I’ve also been wanting to go to Black Cherry for a while now, but each I’ve either not realised/known when it was on or couldn’t get a group together. However, now you’ve inspired me to get there! Glad you had fun!

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