Debrief on my Life

I’ve been a little lax with carrying my camera about, so this is a non-pictorial representation of the recent goings-on in my life.

First off, I’ve been doing some writing as of late that you may enjoy. Here are the links:
–  I did a guest post for a Sydney travel blog Aussie on the Road about Sydney’s vintage scene
– I wrote a guide to wearing red lipstick and a guide to buying vintage online from Australia for the lovely feminist/creative website Mooky Chick

I’ve also spent a lot of time browsing blogs as per usual. Here is what enthralled me:
–  I loved this post from Vixen Vintage about wearing petticoats
–  I lusted after the amazing hair styling cabinet belonging to Kate from Vintage in a Modern World
– I laughed at, but also enjoyed this vintage ad for swim caps

This weekend I’m popping up to Brisbane for family bonding, and also to attend the launch of Seam Magazine which is a crafty, vintage-inspired new magazine I am very much looking forward to. Any tips for Brisbane vintage shopping?

And as the sole photo for this post, I present to you this snap of my victory rolls yesterday of which I was rather proud. I’m afraid I look a little grumpy here, but this was probably the early morning lethargy as I was en route to 10am class.

A bientôt, friends!

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One response to “Debrief on my Life

  1. Jesse

    Loved your ‘how to wear lipstick post’. 🙂 As well as everything else of course. I hope Brisbane is swell 🙂 P.S. you and I might be meeting Dita in February (she’s coming back!). We MUST discuss!

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