Boston, MA

My travels took me to Boston this past week, where I was visiting some friends I studied with in Cambridge last July. I therefore had the luxury of two excellent city tour guides, and we spent the weekend exploring Boston in the most extravagant/delicious ways imaginable. Apart from the splendid company, most of the highlights were edible: Italian cannolis, bagels, noodles and such… Oh la la.

We did stumble upon a vintage fair one chilly afternoon in SoWa, where I unexpectedly became caught up in a tumult of hats and Pretty Old Things. After raiding one particular stall where I bought a 1940s hat for THREE DOLLARS, it all began to get a bit wild as people kept giving me free hats. This culminated in my finding The Ultimate Vintage Item: a cherry brooch. Not bakelite, but no less amazing, and EIGHTEEN DOLLARS.

Seriously, America – you and your amazing vintage shopping. I despair for Sydney.

I wore the brooch out the next day to see “A Dangerous Method” with Andrea at a cute retro movie theatre in Brookline. After an inevitable meal of greatness (pasta!), she kindly indulged me and took my blog photos in an old arcade across the street. Check out the brooch, and Boston in all its quaintness:

Cape: Nancy’s Gone Green
1950s Cherry Brooch: SoWa Vintage Market
Cardigan: Louche
Skirt: Laura Ashley
Belt: Zoo Emporium
Saddle Shoes: Bass Shoes

Also, check out these amazing shoes I bought on sale in Macy’s – the perfect saddle shoes!

And here are my lovely hosts Miranda and Andrea:

I leave the States tomorrow, but there are more photos and such to come. There will at the very least be a gushing post about my visit to the LA What Katie Did boutique this afternoon (sigh).

Until then, pip pip!

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