Outfit Post: A Travel Wardrobe Creation

As I’m still in the process of moving house, all my clothes are in boxes: a devastating fate for a fashionista. This means I have to come up with new ways to mix up all the pieces I do have, most of which were in my travel wardrobe too (one tires easily of a travel wardrobe). I have plans to rescue some frocks from The Boxes, but in the meantime, you’ll be pleased to know that I’m managing. This is what I wore today:

Dress: Bettie Page
Shoes: Clark’s
Cape: SoWa Markets, Boston
Hair Flower: Sportsgirl
1950s Bag: Gift


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4 responses to “Outfit Post: A Travel Wardrobe Creation

  1. I love your hair! I can never get the volume on mine- they end up looking like little roses! Kx

  2. love the dress. …
    today i went to a local shop that sells bettie page dresses… i tried a sailor-dress on. i really loved how it fits me but i never ever will pay so much money on a dress that’s made from such a unpleasing synthetic fiber-fabric. sadly just the red dresses were on sale…


  3. cheekbonesandcouture

    The red capelet really suits you! Love the outfit! xoxo

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