Mardi Gras!

Ah, Mardi Gras: the most glittery and extravagant night in Sydney’s sartorial calendar. It may have rained last night, but a freaking thunderstorm would still have failed to deter all the glamorous partiers in their fake eyelashes and feathered headpieces that descended on the Sydney CBD.

As a pretty big fan of extravagant outfits (haven’t you noticed?), I have a soft spot for Mardi Gras. I’m also a pretty big fan of fantastic underclothes, so having an opportunity to wear them out sans frock on top is kind of a big deal. This was the thinking behind the costume I wore out to watch the parade:

Underwear as outerwear! I donned a crinoline over my What Katie Did cabaret corset that I’ve been dying to wear out, added a self-fashioned sequinned cape plus copious flowers, and voila! The effect was quite pleasant.

In addition to loving the sartorial side of Mardi Gras, I’m also obviously a pretty big fan of equality. For this reason, not only was the parade thoroughly entertaining, but it was also quite a beautiful show of solidarity. I love how Mardi Gras gives visibility to a whole heap of otherwise marginalised groups. The parade reminds us they exist in the most glittery, fantastic way. So much love!

Here I am with Gila: my +1 to the parade. We had a lovely, raucous time – and doesn’t she look dapper.

1950s petticoat The Attic, Las Vegas | Corset What Katie DidBustier Marlies Dekkers | Cape made by me | Necklace Mother’s | Hair flowers Sportsgirl | Shoes Clark’s

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  1. love your mardi gras outfit… gila loks awesome too.

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