Uni with Johnny and June

I swear the fashions at Sydney University are better than any fashion week. The people-watching is fierce! This makes dressing for uni a treat – I do love to join in the aesthetic feast being staged on and around campus.

My partners in crime for all of this are Jesse and Tim (of Like Johnny and June), who wear the most amazing/outrageous things to class. This afternoon, as per tradition, we met to gab about our latest sartorial crushes on campus and the like. Here’s a snap of us in our natural habitat:

Frock Anthropologie | Cardigan Dangerfield | Belt Dangerfield | 50s cherry necklace Love Vintage Fair 2012 | Hair flower Sportsgirl | Shoes Bloch

I know, they’re so statuesque! And dapper! I have campus crushes on my friends.


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11 responses to “Uni with Johnny and June

  1. Fashionable men! My favorite!

  2. Wow, this is such a weird coincidence, as i only started following your blog a few days ago – but i saw all three of you walking down the street (near the end of newtown) yesterday afternoon, and thought you looked so fabulous!

  3. Ahh, I do love a good sartorial stalk! You all love devine, and you’ll have to tell us about your style crushes so i can secretly seek them out on campus too!

    • You’re so elusive at uni! You should come and gab with us! We’re progressively recruiting all the style mavens on campus for Old Hat.

      • If i could find you I would most certainly gab away! I suppose my elusiveness comes from my banishment to Wooley this year, if I’m not there or in the depths of Fisher, I’m not at uni! What days are you around, I’ll keep a special eye out for you all!

    • I thought as much, what with you doing honours and all! We tend to congregate around Taste Baguette a lot of the time (mostly Tues-Thurs). If I can somehow procure your number, I’ll text you next time we’re having coffee and vintage chit-chat! You’re always most welcome to join.

  4. I wish more people would dress like you and your friends, you look amazing! I have a similar vintage military jacket like the one the gentleman is wearing! 🙂

  5. all i need is a partner in crime at work or even in the city i live in….
    you 3 look great!


  6. Mi

    All 3 of you look amazing! Love that red dress 🙂


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