RIP Aqua Cat Eyes: An Obituary

I’m in mourning right now; I’m in mourning for a pair of original 50s aqua cat eyes. I’m not sure I’ll ever recover. These glorious mid-century frames were tragically lost to the back seat of a taxi cab last week, and ever since I’ve felt a little empty. Oh, the exquisite sadness of it all!

To celebrate the life of my favourite aqua sunglasses, here is a pictorial representation of our time together:

I’ll be searching Etsy for the rest of my life, trying to replace these glorious specs.

RIP Aqua Cat Eyes.



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8 responses to “RIP Aqua Cat Eyes: An Obituary

  1. oh, i’m so sorry for your loss… those glasses looked just perfect on you….
    last October i lost my fave blazer on a party. i still miss it so much.

  2. Catriona Martin

    Sorry to hear that Michelle, they were gorgeous!

  3. emma7784

    Oh no! I loved these glasses! I suppose you’ve tried ringing the cab company x

  4. andibgoode

    Oh no. That’s so sad! They were so lovely.
    -Andi x

  5. Oh… those glasses, that hair, and that lipstick. All perfection.

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