A Dating Dilemma

I almost forgot I owned this frock until I dragged it out this morning to wear for an afternoon of antique-ing. I’ve always found it oddly and irritatingly era-ambigious, so I’m not surprised I put it out of my mind for awhile.

It’s a curious frock. Although I get quite a fierce 1940s vibe, what with the little puff sleeves, not-quite-full skirt, and satisfyingly old-feeling fabric, I can’t quite convince myself it’s 40s, considering how little I paid for it.

Vintage friends and dating extraordinaires, thoughts?

Era-ambigious vintage frock Cambridge, UK | Hair flower Circa Vintage | Belt borrowed from dear Callie | Shoes Macy’s

When I haven’t been obsessing about the era of my floral frock, I’ve been flitting about Sydney as per usual with various Old Hatters in tow. We had a glorious picnic that you can read all about very soon, among other things.

Until next time – bonne weekend, mes ami/es !


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7 responses to “A Dating Dilemma

  1. emma7784

    When I read the post title I thought you meant dating as in boys (or girls I!)

    Love this dress, it looks fab on you! I would say by the style of it alone it is probably late 30s / early 40s but check all the little pointers like is it a metal zip, are the hems overlocked, pinked or have they used hem facing with ribbon.

    Can’t wait to read your picnic post to see what I missed out on! :o(

  2. The 40s had metal zippers down the back, but that often means that it is a later 40s piece. Additionally, I have 40s blouses with the puff sleeves. So I would guess it’s 40s.

  3. what d dress… it’s so lovely! what about the fabric? cotton? looks very 40s… is it hand sewn? has it a metal zipper?

  4. I have no knowledge that could help you in terms of finding out what era that dress is from, but I can vouch for the fact that it looks amazing on you! & no matter what era it turns out to be from, you should wear it more often! 🙂 x

  5. I agree with Morganvsmorgan… could be 80s, (reminds me of Laura Ashley 80s items) could be 40s. … either way … it looks lovely.

    🙂 X

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