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Nuffnang’s Blogopolis 2012

I’m excited to be attending Blogopolis event tomorrow: a day of blog-y chitchat and tomfoolery in Sydney organised by Nuffnang. Some of my favourite Australian bloggers will be there giving panels and workshops – Lady Melbourne, Fashion Hayley and the like. Blogosphere fame!

I’ll be live-tweeting Blogopolis with the hash tag #nnb2012, if you’d like to live vicariously through me.

Will you be there? We should hang out.

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Magnificent Hair: The Leopard Lounge, Sydney

I’ve always been a little promiscuous with my hair salons, but I think I may have finally been tempted into monogamy by The Leopard Lounge in Newtown. I spent the most heavenly afternoon there this week, touching up my colour and getting the ever-elusive midi haircut with the very lovely Milena. It was all 50s/60s boudoir décor, Beatles music, vodka-spiked setting lotion and retro chit-chat. Milena even has a well-stocked vintage bar – so divine.

Here are some snaps of the salon:

And now for the hair, styled into a glorious set of Dita-esque curls. Also, rad 50s specs!

I had a Lady Gaga concert in the evening, so it was a good day to visit The Leopard Lounge. Here I am in all my concert regalia later on in the day:

Lace capelet DIY | Bra Marlies DekkersCorset What Katie Did | Gloves Gallery Serpentine, Sydney | 1950s petticoat The Attic, Las Vegas | 1950s clip The Leopard Lounge

Happy, well-coiffed love to you all!


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Some recent aesthetic/sartorial highlights from my Instagram account (@ravishingretro):

Trying on frocks at the Sydney Antique Centre.

Travelling home from the Historic Houses Trust GI Dance (I was in the best-dressed!)

The day I went 60s.

Look, I’m on a postcard rack at the cinema!

A swishy Friday night ensemble.

Vintage love to you all ❤


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Old Hat’s Extravagant Soirée

I had the pleasure of hosting an Old Hat soirée this month. Old Hat soirées are always a glamorous affair, so it was splendid fun to usher a series of impeccably-dressed guests into my abode for G&Ts and the like. Cheese and crackers have never been eaten so elegantly. Here are some of the guests:

We had the very ravishing Renata of Hepcat Vintage swanning about:

Sarah of Chronicles of an Eccentric came in her usual attire, resplendent as always:

Laurel, who you may remember from this post, wore the most magnificent coat and shimmery wiggle dress – sigh:

And voilà, Renata and I with Jesse in her Wheels & Dollbaby Dita Cardigan – sigh sigh:

Alas, you can’t see too well in the photo, but I’m wearing a wonderfully swishy taffeta 50s frock (an Etsy purchase), all petticoat-ed up and with a hat to match.

1950s frock Etsy | 1950s hat Melbourne | Shoes Wittner

There are more Old Hat events in the works, as always – you can follow the Facebook page for details.

A bientôt !


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Darcy Society’s Rosings Tea

Mine was a particularly glamorous weekend, what with an Old Hat soirée Friday evening, and then a Darcy Society tea Saturday afternoon. It was all seam stockings and high heels and lipstick for a good 48 hours there: a very enjoyable blur.

Darcy Soc’s “Rosings Tea” made for a marvellous afternoon of sweet things and tiny sandwiches. Period drama enthusiasts are excellent banterers, dropping casual references to “Persuasion” and “Emma” into conversation at the most wonderfully inopportune moments.

I have splendid splendid photos from Darcy Soc’s “Rosings Tea” thanks to the lovely Vanessa Low of The Monday Issue, who was snapping the crowd as well as the very extravagant Victoria Room décor. It’s an aesthetic feast – High Tea porn, I’d say.

Voilà, the photos – many thanks to Vanessa:

And here is The Fashion (that’s the very glamorous Darcy Soc president Miranda beside me):

Frock Anthropologie | Cardigan Alannah Hill | 1950s brooch SoWa Markets, Boston | 1950s hat Melbourne | Shoes Wittner

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Dabbling in 60s Mod

I’m not really a 60s mod kind of gal, but yesterday I got The Urge. It might have been that the RookieMag beehive tutorial was on my mind, or perhaps it was “Let’s Twist Again” shuffling in iTunes, but inexplicably, I found myself popping off to uni in a scandalously short frock, and a hairstyle so big a bird could mistake it for home.

Wearing 50s fashions is more normal than novel these days, so I enjoyed the theatricality of 60s mod quite fiercely. Here’s what I looked like, as 60s as I’ll ever be:

Frock Alannah Hill | Belt Newtown | Cape SoWa Markets, Boston | 50s brooch SoWa Markets, Boston | Scarf David Jones

Perhaps you’ll see more of Mod Michelle.


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