Glitter Glitter Glitter

For so long, I’ve felt like something is missing in my life. I’ve frolicked in 50s frocks and gone to pilates classes, but all this to no avail. It wasn’t until I clicked “Add To Cart” on the Wittner website last week that I realised all this time I’ve been waiting for a pair of insane glitter heels to sashay into my life. Si simple!

I present to you, dear retro friends, the most fabulous pair of glitter heels you ever did see:

Vintage? Non. But fabulous? Absoluement! I have not a single place to wear them, but I’ll be having far more fantastical dreams now that these bad boys are propped up in my cupboard.

Stay tuned for The First Outing Of The Glitter Shoes. Much vintage love as always.



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6 responses to “Glitter Glitter Glitter

  1. Ooooh sparkly! And such a pretty style 🙂 happy glitter trails!

  2. Loretta Nguyen

    These are adorable! I’d wear these in a heartbeat!
    Loving your blog, definitely going to come back!
    Please follow me on
    and Twitter
    Keep up the good work, Loretta xx

  3. I don’t think you need a place to wear them, I think you just need to wear them.

  4. oh wow, pretty, sparky and AMAZING! I’ve got total shoe envy!

  5. These shoes are fantastic. They remind me so much of something Miu Miu would design.

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