Amsterdam with Johnny and June

All the things have happened since my last visit to this blog, but let me show you now some snaps of the time I spent in Amsterdam with Jesse and Tim. I’ve had the great happiness of colliding with Jesse and Tim several times whilst over in Europe. Our times together have been spent in wandering, bicycling, antiquing and café-visiting.

Amsterdam was so heavenly. Not only was it aesthetically pleasing, but there were so very many outfits to admire, and endless cafés to brunch at. Here are some eclectic visuals, for most of which I am greatly indebted to Tim, plus Instagram:


Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 3.24.52 AM


’til next time.


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3 responses to “Amsterdam with Johnny and June

  1. Seriously, you three are just too adorable for your own good!! I often wish I could join you all on your little adventures!


  2. What a fabulous trio! I’m still hunting for a vintage buddy to share great vintage experience with! The trip looks amazing!


  3. Hello! I found my way to your blog somehow and I knew I had to add it to my reader once I’d read your article on semi-colons. It’s always good to meet people who share my views on particular elements of punctuation and their need to be more widely embraced!

    And now, for some relevance to your actual post: your trip sounds utterly fantastic.

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