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Makeover: Little Vintage Queens

With all this extended family bonding and ample free time at my disposal, retro makeovers were inevitable. I chose my eleven-year-old cousin Jessica as a subject, and she agreed, albeit reluctantly. “I’m not sure if I should be putting my hair in your hands,” she said with a wary look.

She started out looking like this:

You can see she’s a thoroughly modern girl, but once I took to her with a curling iron and bobby pins, this all changed.

First of all, I curled her hair with an iron: pinning and hair-spraying as I went along to create the foundation for a set of curls.

You can see here what it looked like when I unravelled them:

I then brushed Jess’ curls out with a round brush to achieve that gloriously cartoonish upwards flick at the bottom of her hair:

Finally, I pinned up the front of her hair into two victory rolls – quite splendid ones at that.

To top it off, I added an excessive number of hair flowers to her style, and slicked on some red lipstick. She ended up looking like an extra on the set of Grease with a cute scarf tied around her neck – awww. Jessica was a little bewildered:

Naturally, Samantha and Courtney decided they wanted in on the action, so I whipped up some quick victory rolls and red lipstick for the whole crew:

The final result!

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