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Vintage in Pyrmont

I went breakfasting at Savichees in Pyrmont this morning with my friend Jane, and post-Eggs Benedict, managed to coerce her into taking blog photos for me next to this bizarre relic of a pub, to which I was conveniently colour-coordinated. I’ve always walked by and had little photo fantasies of the place – it’s so gloriously derelict.

Feeling pretty content in the aftermath of Hollandaise sauce, we strolled through Pyrmont, which is kind of quaint on a sun-drenched Monday morning, and popped back home. I’ll be spending the afternoon packing for a vintage road trip extravaganza. I’m off to the country tomorrow with the likes of Jesse and Tim of Like Johnny and June, and two cars full of other fun extravagant friends. Blog posts to come, as always.

Cardigan Quick Brown FoxSkirt Naf Naf, Paris | Shoes Bloch | 1950s bag The Way We Wear Vintage Fair, 2011 | Hair flowers Sportsgirl | 1950s necklace Camden Passage, London



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Sydney Antique-ing

My lovely friend Laurel recently took me antique-ing to Alexandria Antiques Centre, a place I can only describe as “The Best Thing Ever”. This quickly became apparent as we were met with a WALL of vintage suitcases upon entry. I mean, seriously:

The Antique Centre was a veritable trove of treasures, with delightful bric-à-brac, and all the usual vintage suspects (bar-ware, canisters, picnic sets, costume jewellery and the like).

There were some quirky things too, like this old 1950s table and chairs set pilfered from McDonald’s:

My antique-ing companions looked ravishing in their ensembles. Check out Sarah in her Heyday trousers and cat-eyes:

And our antique-ing host Laurel, who’s too cute and retro for words:

I wore a blue floral frock, and managed to bring this burgundy velvet beret home with me:

1950s frock Love Vintage Fair, 2011 | Cardigan thrifted | Vintage beret Alexandria Antiques Centre | 1950s necklace Love Vintage Fair, 2011 | Heels Macys

We managed to pick up some other things along the way. I lusted after these cat eye glasses, albeit blindly:

And Sarah donned this ridiculous/amazing Mexican hat:

Antiques Centres often overwhelm me – I tend to get a little short of breath at the first sight of mod furniture, and run around a little haphazardly making frequent exclamatory statements like “oh my!” and “this is from the thirties!”. This experience was no exception.

If you’re ever in the mood for minor sensory overload, the Alexandria Antiques Centre is your place.


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Old Hat’s Highland Fling

Bonjour blog – it’s been awhile! I have splendid splendid photos to share with you from our recent Old Hat vintage social. One of our favourite Old Hat gentlemen (Tim) ordered a pair of tartan pants off Etsy, so naturally, we decided to throw a Highland Fling. Although the tartan pants did not arrive in time (boo!), we had a raucous time nonetheless at The Abercrombie on Broadway.

All our favourite extravagant people came to the social, plus some lovely new friends – all were in tartan, many in capes. Check out the Cape Brigade:

Cape Queens: Me, Emma, Coco, Sophie and Sarah – photo courtesy of Sarah

The lovely Sarah, aka Chronicles of an Eccentric, came along looking splendid. You can read her post on the evening here.

Photo courtesy of Sarah

Dear Coco, who I met at the Fifties Fair last year, and I indulged in a bit of double tartan. It’s so wrong it’s right:

And voila, the whole clan, in various states of readiness for the photo:

Photo courtesy of Sarah

Among the clan you’ll see Emma of Emma Aime, Jesse and Tim of Like Johnny and June, Sarah of Chronicles of an Eccentric, and just a whole lot of attractive, well-dressed people. Also, a shout-out to our friend Emma in the black and teal plaid, who came down from Brisbane especially for Old Hat. Love!

Here’s what I wore:

Early 1950s frock Mint Condition | 1960s cape C’s Flashback | Cocktail hat Scally and Trombone | Seam stockings Honey Birdette | Heels Wittner

I couldn’t resist some tartan-on-tartan, nor did I have enough restraint to forgo a pill box cocktail hat. And as always, I donned a cape (you know they’re my weakness). It all made me feel very Scottish and glamorous and happy.

If you want to come to our next Old Hat event, we’re having a social picnic next Tuesday afternoon (May 8) – visit our Facebook page for all the details. We’re always looking to meet lovely new vintage friends!

Until next time, much tartan love.


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A Vintage Rendezvous to the Chinese Gardens

Our favourite vintage Queenslander friend Em was visiting this weekend, so naturally, we brunched, and made an impulsive visit to the Chinese Gardens. We frolicked around for a good hour or so, watched the koi and just generally felt peaceful. It was all a little Kubla Khan (“In Xanadu did Kubla Khan / A stately pleasure-dome decree”).

Of course the outfits weren’t bad either:

1950s frock Camden Passage, London | Jacket Sarah-Jane | 1950s headpiece Mint Condition | 1950s handbag Paddington Antiques Centre | Heels Macy’s


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Swing Dancing, Frivolity!

I look forward to Mondays quite fiercely these days, for Mondays are the days I dance around in an old church hall, twirling and holding hands with men. Swing dancing is delightful! I’ve only been to three classes, but already I feel a considerable sense of accomplishment, and can quite competently dance the Charleston to Elvis music alone in my bedroom (I’d ideally be at a 1950s prom with a powder blue-suited partner, but I suppose we make do and mend). My joy in this new pursuit is amplified by the pleasure of having so many of my friends decide that they too would like to learn the Lindy Hop. Consequently, there is a veritable posse for the swing dancing classes, and a post-swing gelato run. Marvellous!

I save some of my more swishy skirts for Mondays, and this week was no exception. Here’s what I wore to swing dancing this week, as well as a peek at my well-dressed friends.

This photo makes me look like Thumbelina, but I promise I’m not really that tiny. I blame the high angle photography!

Swishing skirts with my dear swing dancing companion Jesse, who was sporting a rather fetching 1940s ensemble.

Jesse and Tim: the power couple! What a well-dressed pair!

What I wore:
Dress – vintage 1950s, bought in Camden Passage, London
Cardigan – Alannah Hill (old season)
Belt – second-hand, bought in Portland, Oregon
Petticoat – vintage 1950s, from Coco Repose in Surry Hills, Sydney
Hair Flower – Sportsgirl
Tan Fishnet Stockings – Accessorize
Shoes – “Office”, bought in Cambridge, UK

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