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Milkshakes and Petticoats in San Francisco

Bonjour, friends!

I’m back in Australia, but before I sign out on the travel posts, I have some splendid photos to share with you of my rendezvous with Molly from Molly Made, who happened to be in San Francisco at the same time as me in mid-January.

In an effort to indulge our 50s nostalgia, we dressed up in petticoats and went out for a milkshake. The meeting was a wild success, save for our curiously identical outfits – it was an accident, I swear. I don’t know what possessed us both to wear such a specific shade of burnt orange that evening, but it made for quite a spectacle for the other diner patrons.

Dress: Anthropologie
Cardigan: Louche
Belt: Bellingen, NSW
Shoes: Bloch

Tomorrow Old Hat is having a luncheon at Tim‘s house – do join! And you can expect updates, no doubt.

Photos stolen from Molly


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