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Old Hat: High Tea

It’s been a little while now since Old Hat‘s December rendezvous to the Sydney Antique Centre (which, by the way, is ah-mazing). After all this time and now countless more Old Hat events, I think it’s time photos made it onto the blog. If my memory serves me well, it was quite a glorious afternoon (being around vintage always makes everyone a little giddy) – we came, we saw, we ate petit fours, we lusted after hats. So much happiness.

The Old Hat crowd

It was lovely to have some vintage bloggers at Old Hat – it’s not often you get to casually drop references to Vixen Vintage‘s latest post into conversation and actually have people understand. If you’re a vintage-loving blogger in Sydney, we want you!

The blogging contingent: Jesse from Like Johnny and June, Me, Molly of Molly Made, and Sarah of Chronicles of an Eccentric

And here’s what I wore. You can see in the photos my petticoat is peeking out a little, and it just reminded me that at the Love Vintage fair, we were told that in the fifties this used to be referred to as “snowing” – how quaint!

1950s frock Grandma Takes a Trip, Surry Hills | 1950s headpiece Mint Condition, Rozelle | 1950s costume jewellery Camden Passage Markets, London | Shoes Bloch

Thank you to Delphina for all the lovely photos! If you want to read more about the rendezvous, you can read more about it on Sarah’s blog. You can also lurk the Old Hat Facebook page to check out the details of our next gathering.

Bonne journée !


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Antique-ing in Brisbane

I loved the heritage feel to Brisbane while I was there over the weekend. Far from being devoid of pretty buildings, Brisbane has a myriad of old edifices to enjoy. “Old” in the Australian sense of the term (aka late 1800s, early 1900s), not in the European sense of the term (Shakespearean times). Accordingly, I frolicked about in a couple of these places.

I theorise that all Australian cities have a token old arcade. In Sydney it’s the Strand Arcade, but in Brisbane there is the aptly-named Brisbane Arcade. These arcades are typically the homes of eccentric little stores: boutique jewellers and such. I passed by a few times, but when I actually went to pay my respects to the arcade it was early Sunday morning. The upstairs was closed, but a kind old store-owner used her card to help me get up there. The floor was completely empty, so I had a little wander ’round, enjoying the old-fashioned stained glass windows and light fittings with it all to myself. Unfortunately I then found myself trapped on this floor. As delightful as it was, I was a little distraught and had to be rescued by the same lady who thankfully came up to visit her shop. Alas!

I took the opportunity to pose for a moment:

Dress: vintage 50s, Love Vintage Fair
Bag: Fringe Bar Markets, Sydney
Hat: 40s, Camden Passage Markets in London

If you look behind me here you’ll see a store displaying a Napoleonic War jacket in the window. Amazing!

After exploring the arcade quite sufficiently, I made my way to Paddington where there is a lovely array of vintage stores. The streets there feature a lot of that style of architecture typical of Australian country towns (I’m afraid some of you might not know what I mean) which I love.

The best place I visited there was the Brisbane Antique Centre. Oh my, what a place. Antique centres are always overwhelming. I’m not going to tell you any more about it, because these photos will describe more aptly the sensory overload of the place.

Mmm, so amazing. I had to stop myself from spending $80 on the most perfect 50s sunglasses I’ve ever seen. I did, however, emerge with a bevy of other delights which I’ll show you very soon.

Enjoy your week!

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