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Vintage Road Trip

I’ve been away a little while, meaning there’s a wild backlog of fabulous vintage outings to blog about, and piles of photos to feast on. Johnny and June have already blogged about it, but I have snaps to share from the road trip we took a few weeks back, documenting the séjour in all its pasta-eating, cider-sipping, kitten-petting, vintage-wearing glory.

This all came about as we piled into two cars and drove seven hours to a curious beachside town in rural NSW for a few days. There, we bonded, rendezvous’d into town, visited the beach by both day and night, and partook in some classic tomfoolery whilst fabulously-frocked up.

The country, apart from being picturesque, was also a hilarious place to be a group of vintage-dressed youths. Locals alternated between asking if we’re a band, and whispering as we walked by that we must be “movie people”. I daresay it was all Tim and his high pants’ doing.

Voilà, snaps:

Me: just a bundle of tweed, gingham and red hair flowers after the long drive.

Kitten: being adorable.

En route to the beach on day two.

Tim and Jesse sexing up the beach in their retro swimwear.

Me: protecting my fragile skin, reading feminist literature.

Pork roast.

Vintage shopping in Bellingen.

Furry hat: totally purchased.

Tim and Jesse, in their natural habitat.

Rachael: bringing some much-needed tartan to the excursion.

Tim: making VERY DIFFICULT decisions.

Vintage ensemble du jour.

Tasty, tasty carbonara on the last night.


FASHION love to you all.


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The Fleur Dress: Finally

After almost a year of stalking the Heyday Fleur dress online, it is finally mine! It has always felt like there’s something of a Fleur dress cult in the vintage blogosphere, and I am terribly pleased to have now been initiated.

The Fleur dress was a Christmas gift from Santa (read: Mother), who conveniently read my wishlist in December. Consequently, I wore it out on one of the extended family bonding trips we orchestrated over Christmas.

So of all places, my Fleur made it to “Perry’s Lemon Myrtle Farm”, which is buried somewhere in rural NSW. The owners of the little establishment had us all over for tea, after which we all binged on lemon myrtle products (oh, if you could have seen all the soap we bought).

We were allowed to wander the lemon myrtle forest too, which was most idyllic.

Dress: Heyday Fleur dress
Shoes: Bloch
Hair Flower: Sportsgirl
1950s Bag: Brisbane Antique Centre

In other news, I will be making another visit to America in February, so you can expect the return of cold weather gear in my outfit posts (well, maybe) – I may even take my Fleur. Las Vegas is no lemon myrtle farm, but it’ll do.


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Milkshakes and Petticoats in San Francisco

Bonjour, friends!

I’m back in Australia, but before I sign out on the travel posts, I have some splendid photos to share with you of my rendezvous with Molly from Molly Made, who happened to be in San Francisco at the same time as me in mid-January.

In an effort to indulge our 50s nostalgia, we dressed up in petticoats and went out for a milkshake. The meeting was a wild success, save for our curiously identical outfits – it was an accident, I swear. I don’t know what possessed us both to wear such a specific shade of burnt orange that evening, but it made for quite a spectacle for the other diner patrons.

Dress: Anthropologie
Cardigan: Louche
Belt: Bellingen, NSW
Shoes: Bloch

Tomorrow Old Hat is having a luncheon at Tim‘s house – do join! And you can expect updates, no doubt.

Photos stolen from Molly


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I’m in Brisbane this weekend for no real reason, so I’m spending my time flitting about the city. I think I’ve spent too much of my life up to this point underrating Brisbane. Doing a bit of reading before I came up this weekend, I was surprised to see articles about a burgeoning creative scene I never knew existed. I’m not sure when this happened, but apparently Brisbane is cool these days.

Today I went out to West End, which as I understand it is sort of the equivalent to Newtown in Sydney. There were a few vintage/retro stores, and a great deal of excellent-looking eateries. I had the most divine breakfast at a café/bar called Jam Jar: poached eggs, mushrooms, wilted spinach etc etc. It had such a nice vibe, and Bettie Page was spray-painted onto the door to the bathroom (a way to win me over). I also stumbled upon a fabulous store called Kitten d’Amour in the CBD which sells clothes which sort of seem to be the love child of fifties, lolita and goth fashion. I bought a pin-up-esque outfit that I daresay you’ll see me sporting sometime soon.

My main question is “since when?”. Since when is Brisbane so cool? I’m totally won over.

What I wore today:

Cardigan: Topshop
Skirt: Lazy Bones
Hat: 1940s, Camden Passage Markets in London
Shoes: Accessorize
Bag: Fringe Bar Markets, Sydney


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As we’re on mid-semester break from classes, some friends and I planned a little road trip to go antique shopping in the countryside. “Berrima” was our destination; it’s a cute tourist town about two hours from Sydney with a string of antique stores and lots of homemade jam. So we drove through two hours of scenery and winding roads to find Berrima where we spent a pleasant, pleasant afternoon.

The most important attraction in Berrima is the amazing antique emporium called “Peppergreen Antiques”. It’s a lovely old building packed with antiques, and not the exquisite pricey type. It’s filled with old stockings, sewing supplies, hats, cutlery, shawls, jewellery, books, records… For everything in a vintage life, there is a neatly labelled shelf or box which you can happily rifle through. It was indescribably great. Naturally, we went a little wild in the store – I think we probably spent close to an hour running about with frequent calls of “Jesse! Did you see the box labelled bras/corsets?!” The old ladies running the store were bemused.

The store is unfortunately closing down towards the end of the year as the owners are quite ill. While this is devastating, it did mean that everything was half price, making it feel a little like all our vintage-y dreams were coming true. I emerged with a host of items for a very reasonable price and was so very, very pleased.

I think I’ll do a separate post on all my purchases, so for now, just enjoy these photos from the day:

I found this fabulous coat in the store and fell in love. It’s a beautiful heavy wool coat which will be splendid for American winter in January. Thankfully the collar is faux fur, or else I would have hesitated buying it. I’m so lucky to have found it – it fits perfectly. Also, it was terribly cold in Berrima. I think it’s from around the 50s, but I’m doing some research on the label to find out. (Does anybody know anything about ‘Cresta’, or ‘Simon Howard’, London?)

Tim bought this army jacket for $40 – we think it’s from World War II, and possibly German, but if anybody knows anything more leave a comment.

After we had ravaged the antique store we sauntered along the road to an Alpaca farm where we took some photos in the field and next to the adorable pink cottage. I love alpacas, but I theorise that they’re curiously intelligent; their expressions are so human-like.

Here is what I wore:

Dress: from “Sarah-Jane” in Newtown
Cardigan: Alannah Hill
Belt: Alannah Hill
Stockings: “Leg Avenue”, from “Retrospec’d” in Newtown
Shoes: Bloch
Necklace: vintage 50s, from “Retrospec’d in Newtown
Petticoat: vintage 50s, from “Coco Repose” in Surry Hills

Also, check out Jesse’s adorable 1940s ensemble:


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