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Old-Fashioned Bake Sale

I spent today in a little apron peddling baked goods to passersby in the name of “Darcy Society”. Darcy Soc is a society I’m a part of at uni dedicated to period drama, Jane Austen, Colin Firth and the like. Being an enthusiast of all things nineteenth century, I’m naturally quite a fan of Darcy Soc, so I gladly spent four hours baking last night. And all went well – ’twas a success!

Though the society predicates that we’re appreciating pre-twentieth century culture, visitors to the stall nevertheless seemed to think I was dressed in costume to get in the spirit. I think it was the apron that did it. One particular old woman complimented me on my Elizabeth Bennet costume.

Here are some photos:

The very aesthetically pleasing stall. Check out that adorable banner.

Manning the stall with a fellow Darcy devotee.

We named the baked goods.

Philosopher’s Scones! Oh wow, such fantastic naming.

The gorgeous Jesse dropped by in a fantastic outfit as per usual.

Bake sale turned into impromptu picnic with Jesse and Tim.

Dress – vintage 50s, bought in Camden Passage, London
Cardigan – Topshop
Necklace – vintage 50s, part of a set bought in Retrospeed in Newtown, Sydney
Apron – vintage 50s, bought at the 2011 Fifties Fair in Sydney
Belt – secondhand, bought in Portland, Oregon
Hair flowers – Accessorize
Tan Fishnets – Accessorize
Shoes – “Office”, bought in Cambridge, UK

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