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Berrima: The Purchases

So I went a little wild in Berrima. I always seem to find better antiques and vintage items in the countryside; the stores aren’t so depleted as those in the city, and I theorise that the older demographic means better donations. I also like that the stores don’t prey on me with exorbitant prices.

Here are my purchases!

1) Three bakelite bangles – about $5-6 each. My first legitimate bakelite bangles! There was one glorious basket just filled with them, so I picked out these three to colour-coordinate with various outfits.

2) Four hat pins – $5. I’ve been needing some hat pins.

3) Three pairs of fully fashioned stockings – $5 each. What a find! Though I lust after them, I find fully fashioned stockings from What Katie Did a little too expensive to justify, so this was perfect. AND they’re original 50s. So chuffed.

4) A cute little German brooch – $15. I think I’ll steam it to restore its shape and such, but otherwise this brooch is so adorable. I’m feeling it’s very 40s.

5) Hairnets – $2 -3 each. In Peppergreen Antiques there was an entire cabinet filled with vintage hair accessories and beauty products. It was amazing! I nearly bought some bobby pins, but reasoned that I’d simply lose them. Hair nets will be useful, I feel. They’ll help me wait out the time until I eventually cave and order a snood from etsy. Plus check out the cute packaging!

6) A pair of green gloves – $5. The green has faded, but I enjoy the weathered look of this pair of gloves. They’re also wonderfully warm. All the other pairs of vintage gloves I own barely keep me warm when I take them to cold, cold places, so these will be good for wintry escapades.

7) The coat! Oh, the coat! – $80, and worth the minor extravagance. I was very impressed at the price of this coat, for it’s absolutely divine! I don’t have a photo of the coat alone, so here I am channeling Soviet Russia.

Voila! Such a splendid haul for one day, and not terribly expensive either. Here are a few more pictures to revel in:

And finally a little feature on my friend Rachael who I neglected to include in yesterday’s round-up, and whose vibrant red stockings should never be left out of any photo set:


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As we’re on mid-semester break from classes, some friends and I planned a little road trip to go antique shopping in the countryside. “Berrima” was our destination; it’s a cute tourist town about two hours from Sydney with a string of antique stores and lots of homemade jam. So we drove through two hours of scenery and winding roads to find Berrima where we spent a pleasant, pleasant afternoon.

The most important attraction in Berrima is the amazing antique emporium called “Peppergreen Antiques”. It’s a lovely old building packed with antiques, and not the exquisite pricey type. It’s filled with old stockings, sewing supplies, hats, cutlery, shawls, jewellery, books, records… For everything in a vintage life, there is a neatly labelled shelf or box which you can happily rifle through. It was indescribably great. Naturally, we went a little wild in the store – I think we probably spent close to an hour running about with frequent calls of “Jesse! Did you see the box labelled bras/corsets?!” The old ladies running the store were bemused.

The store is unfortunately closing down towards the end of the year as the owners are quite ill. While this is devastating, it did mean that everything was half price, making it feel a little like all our vintage-y dreams were coming true. I emerged with a host of items for a very reasonable price and was so very, very pleased.

I think I’ll do a separate post on all my purchases, so for now, just enjoy these photos from the day:

I found this fabulous coat in the store and fell in love. It’s a beautiful heavy wool coat which will be splendid for American winter in January. Thankfully the collar is faux fur, or else I would have hesitated buying it. I’m so lucky to have found it – it fits perfectly. Also, it was terribly cold in Berrima. I think it’s from around the 50s, but I’m doing some research on the label to find out. (Does anybody know anything about ‘Cresta’, or ‘Simon Howard’, London?)

Tim bought this army jacket for $40 – we think it’s from World War II, and possibly German, but if anybody knows anything more leave a comment.

After we had ravaged the antique store we sauntered along the road to an Alpaca farm where we took some photos in the field and next to the adorable pink cottage. I love alpacas, but I theorise that they’re curiously intelligent; their expressions are so human-like.

Here is what I wore:

Dress: from “Sarah-Jane” in Newtown
Cardigan: Alannah Hill
Belt: Alannah Hill
Stockings: “Leg Avenue”, from “Retrospec’d” in Newtown
Shoes: Bloch
Necklace: vintage 50s, from “Retrospec’d in Newtown
Petticoat: vintage 50s, from “Coco Repose” in Surry Hills

Also, check out Jesse’s adorable 1940s ensemble:


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