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Un Séjour à Brisbane

Circumstance sent me to Brisbane a little while ago, and whilst illness is no happy reason to be travelling interstate (hi Grandma!), this jaunt to Queensland did happen to coincide with my girl crush Em’s 30th birthday soirée. So Saturday night found me in a whirlwind of well-dressed vintage ladies and generally dapper party guests, alternately swing dancing and fangirling.

Some photos from the evening:

Avec Em, the birthday girl.

The petticoat-ed vintage ladies running amok.

Em et moi avec one of the lovely ladies of Instagram looking all 60s mod and great: Sarah, aka @missmatchbox.

And here I am with Jason, in all my amateur lindy-hopping glory. Some quality twirling.

Twirly vintage love, until next time.


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Seam Magazine

Thank you for your lovely and interesting responses to my post on vintage and feminism – I’m still responding to some of you. Even though I do have a specific blog for all my feminist musings (or as of late, lack thereof), I’d like to make posts like these more of a regular feature on Ravishing, seeing as we’re all so inspired. At the very least, I daresay I’ll put up something about vintage and body image at some point: a topic I decided to save for a separate post as I just have SO MANY FEELINGS about it all.

As I’m still living off my travel wardrobe, I don’t really have any fabulous outfits to showcase from my recent wanderings. Instead, I’ll show you an outfit I wore awhile back to the launch of Seam Magazine in Brisbane.

I should have written about Seam Magazine before now, because it’s all kinds of adorable. The crafty, vintage-inspired zine, written by the lovely Linsey from Brisbane, is an absolute visual feast – the photo shoots, featuring dreamy fashions by Alice Nightingale, are positively to die for. It’s also the perfect accompaniment to a pot of Earl Gray tea and some cookies. Seriously, vintage types – get on that (check it out here or on etsy).

And voila, the outfit:

50s dress: Love Vintage Fair 2011
60s pillbox hat: Paddington, Brisbane
Gloves: Paddington, Brisbane
Belt: Brisbane Antique Centre
50s necklace: Love Vintage Fair 2011
Shoes: Bloch

I leave for Las Vegas very soon, so leave me your travel tips if you have any.

In any case, à bientôt !

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Antique-ing in Brisbane

I loved the heritage feel to Brisbane while I was there over the weekend. Far from being devoid of pretty buildings, Brisbane has a myriad of old edifices to enjoy. “Old” in the Australian sense of the term (aka late 1800s, early 1900s), not in the European sense of the term (Shakespearean times). Accordingly, I frolicked about in a couple of these places.

I theorise that all Australian cities have a token old arcade. In Sydney it’s the Strand Arcade, but in Brisbane there is the aptly-named Brisbane Arcade. These arcades are typically the homes of eccentric little stores: boutique jewellers and such. I passed by a few times, but when I actually went to pay my respects to the arcade it was early Sunday morning. The upstairs was closed, but a kind old store-owner used her card to help me get up there. The floor was completely empty, so I had a little wander ’round, enjoying the old-fashioned stained glass windows and light fittings with it all to myself. Unfortunately I then found myself trapped on this floor. As delightful as it was, I was a little distraught and had to be rescued by the same lady who thankfully came up to visit her shop. Alas!

I took the opportunity to pose for a moment:

Dress: vintage 50s, Love Vintage Fair
Bag: Fringe Bar Markets, Sydney
Hat: 40s, Camden Passage Markets in London

If you look behind me here you’ll see a store displaying a Napoleonic War jacket in the window. Amazing!

After exploring the arcade quite sufficiently, I made my way to Paddington where there is a lovely array of vintage stores. The streets there feature a lot of that style of architecture typical of Australian country towns (I’m afraid some of you might not know what I mean) which I love.

The best place I visited there was the Brisbane Antique Centre. Oh my, what a place. Antique centres are always overwhelming. I’m not going to tell you any more about it, because these photos will describe more aptly the sensory overload of the place.

Mmm, so amazing. I had to stop myself from spending $80 on the most perfect 50s sunglasses I’ve ever seen. I did, however, emerge with a bevy of other delights which I’ll show you very soon.

Enjoy your week!

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Cute Café: Cabinessence, Brisbane

I visited the most divine café when I was in Brisbane called “Cabinessence”. It wasn’t the only adorable café I happened across in Brisbane, but it was certainly one of the most adorable cafés.

Cabinessence is a pleasant amble out of Paddington CBD down a few leafy residential streets. It had a very lazy weekend vibe to it which suited my own very lazy weekend quite nicely. Apart from myself, the place seemed to be frequented by an ongoing trickle of regulars, all of whom chattered amongst themselves as well as with the friendly baristas. Some just popped in for coffee; others settled down on one of the bar stools or sofas and whiled the time away.

I chose to settle down because I am a lady of leisure and have nothing but time.

The decor is so cute and sort of has a 50s feel with certain pieces. I particularly love the tiki bamboo bar stools. It’s all very casual, but doesn’t lack any charm.

I ordered iced coffee as an antidote to the frightfully warm day (I don’t deal well with heat), and it came in this super-cute cocktail shaker. Cabinessence does the kitsch, mis-matched tableware thing very well – the souvenir spoon was an especially nice touch. Plus the coffee was spectacular.

Cabinessence doesn’t do food apart from toast, but when the toast is this great, I suppose there isn’t really a need to expand the menu. There is a choice between avocado or tomato, as well as an array of spreads and such. Seeing as avocado is my life, I obviously chose it as my topping. They put on a nice thick layer, not skimping as one might expect (the world usually doesn’t love avocado as much as I proclaim to).

I sat there for a good half hour or so enjoying the afternoon. If you need somewhere pleasant to sit, and you’re willing to walk up a somewhat steep incline to get there, Cabinessence is ideal. Brisbanites: you should visit Cabinessence, pronto.

117 Enoggera Tce,
Paddington, Brisbane

Cabinessence on Urbanspoon

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I’m in Brisbane this weekend for no real reason, so I’m spending my time flitting about the city. I think I’ve spent too much of my life up to this point underrating Brisbane. Doing a bit of reading before I came up this weekend, I was surprised to see articles about a burgeoning creative scene I never knew existed. I’m not sure when this happened, but apparently Brisbane is cool these days.

Today I went out to West End, which as I understand it is sort of the equivalent to Newtown in Sydney. There were a few vintage/retro stores, and a great deal of excellent-looking eateries. I had the most divine breakfast at a café/bar called Jam Jar: poached eggs, mushrooms, wilted spinach etc etc. It had such a nice vibe, and Bettie Page was spray-painted onto the door to the bathroom (a way to win me over). I also stumbled upon a fabulous store called Kitten d’Amour in the CBD which sells clothes which sort of seem to be the love child of fifties, lolita and goth fashion. I bought a pin-up-esque outfit that I daresay you’ll see me sporting sometime soon.

My main question is “since when?”. Since when is Brisbane so cool? I’m totally won over.

What I wore today:

Cardigan: Topshop
Skirt: Lazy Bones
Hat: 1940s, Camden Passage Markets in London
Shoes: Accessorize
Bag: Fringe Bar Markets, Sydney


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