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The Attic, Las Vegas

I wasn’t going to visit Vegas without a little jaunt to the local vintage stores, it being rockabilly country and all. Eager as always for a rummage, I did a google search and came across a store called “The Attic” in the Las Vegas Arts District (yes, there is such a thing), billed as the world’s largest vintage store. Most appropriate!

So I set out to visit “The Attic”, and was greeted by the most charming vintage caricatures.

And inside, a treasure trove – all carefully labelled and looked after, but arranged in pleasantly higgledy-piggledy fashion. Mid-century frocks, 30s boudoir slippers, extravagant coats, a profusion of hats, vintage showgirl costumes and the like all shared racks – all magnificent and over-the-top.

One of the highlights of the visit – apart from the veritable stash of vintage goodies I managed to procure – was the menagerie of animals inhabiting the place. I was surprised to find an exotic bird chilling out in the corner of the store, and positively thrilled to find an adorable cat called “Miss Kitty” swanning about.

Vintage folk seem to have a particular propensity for loving cats (see Vintage, Vixen), so it seemed an excellent choice of animal for a vintage store. I loved how Miss Kitty cosied up to the lacy loungewear:

And settled down in a pile of vintage gloves:

Seriously, I love cats.

But “The Attic” wasn’t great solely for its menagerie of animals (although that helps) – the store offers on-the-spot alterations, and has its own line of reproduction dresses, plus makes them to-order. The staff are lovely, passionate, and have an incredible inventory of knowledge about their vintage pieces, what they are and where they came from.

Unfortunately disaster befell “The Attic” quite recently. A nearby gas leak meant that their large warehouse that earned them the tag line of “biggest vintage store in the world” had to close, and they moved across the road into smaller quarters – the ones that I visited – which are wonderful, but simply not the same. It being too expensive to keep up the business in the wake of the disaster, “The Attic” is regrettably closing soon, after 23 years in business. Alex, the friendly gentleman who helped me and owns “The Attic”, is understandably quite devastated.

Nevertheless, I believe there are plans for an online store and a grand reopening at some point in the future, so if you’re visiting Las Vegas, don’t despair. I also understand there will be an extravagant half price sale before “The Attic” closes in a couple of months or so.

In any case, if you visit Vegas and need a vintage fix, the Arts District is your place. You may have to avoid a mugging to get to the antique malls (the area is a little seedy to say the least – try and count the bail bond offices), but they’re packed with the most marvellous of vintage treasures, and are a welcome reprieve from the bustle and flashing lights of The Strip.

Photos of my treasures to come!


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