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Old Hat

I’ve made such lovely friends who all share my love of old things, and though we enjoy hanging out en masse, we’ve been thinking about how marvellous it would be to bond with other people with an interest in vintage. Of course Sydney already has a bevy of vintage-themed events to attend, but as young people, we’ve found it difficult to find events that suit us, especially seeing as we aren’t yet accomplished swing dancers. There is no society, per se, for people to geek out about mid-century paraphernalia in a more casual setting. It is for these reasons that we have ambitiously set up “Old Hat” in order to establish our own crowd.

“Old Hat” is for newcomers to the vintage scene like ourselves (as well as veterans if they feel so inclined as to attend). Rather than meetings, our events will be in the style of “socials” wherein we’ll all gather at a venue with a retro feel and just hang out. We want it to be a little like the New Sheridan Club in London which celebrates bohemianism and extravagance in dress.

Swing [dance] by the Facebook page and have a little read of our manifesto, become a fan, and RSVP to attend The Inaugural G&T on October 13. Our first meeting will be at Hinky Dink’s in Darlinghurst, which is a recently-opened fifties diner in Sydney. It ought to be a riot: a very well-dressed riot.

Pip pip, then!


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