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Fifties Fair 2012 (again)

The Fifties Fair is now nothing but a distant swishy skirted memory, but photos are still cropping up, and the world must see them. Here are two snaps from Like Johnny and June:

Rose Seidler House, and me peeking out of it.

Madness! Jesse, Renata, Regan, Laurel, moi, Elisse, Elisse’s sister, and Emma.

You’ll find more of my drivelling about the fair here.

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Fifties Fair 2012

I think the Fifties Fair sent me into vintage hibernation for awhile. The day is so intensely aesthetically pleasing, it always seems to take some time to recover. I think this is why I didn’t end up making it to the Sydney Love Vintage fair on the weekend – a girl can only take so many novelty print swing frocks (“blasphemy”, I hear you all cry).

There were some fabulous photos taken on the day, but being a terribly lax blogger, I’m not responsible for any of these. So rather than post photos of the fair myself, I’ll just direct you to some picture-laden posts put up by some others in the blogosphere. Although if they’ll allow me the photo thievery, I’ll show you some of the ladies I met in my travels.

I had the pleasure of meeting Trish of Quiet Vintage Sewing at the fair, whose blog I’ve quietly stalked for awhile now. Her posts on the fair are here and here. You can spot my wildly-dressed friend Laurel in the second post too – she’ll be the one who looks exactly like me.

I also met the lovely Bex, who writes Subversive Lesbian Anarchic Femme (yay for vintage/queer politics crossovers). You can read her post on the fair here, featuring some excellent swing dancing action shots. As a side note, I’m also looking forward to witnessing more of Bex’s ensembles at Sydney Femme Guild events, which she organises – oh, the frocked up femmes.

I was officially introduced to Bec of Black Swan’s Pond at the fair, who I actually had a run-in with at swing dancing classes a month or two ago. Apart from just generally looking picturesque, Bec also played swing dancing partner matchmaker, and made sure I managed to lindy hop at the fair after all. She put up an exhaustive three posts on the fair on her blog: here, here and here. You can spot me in the second and third posts, plus Johnny and June are in there somewhere too. Here she is dancing with Amanda, also from my swing class:

The Old Hat posse was out in full force: the glam Renata from Hepcat Vintage wrote a post here, Johnny and June were their usual adorable selves, Sarah of Chronicles of an Eccentric came in a pretty red frock, and put up three posts on the day (here, here and here), Emma of Emma Aime made an appearance with her husband Simon, and oh, just so very many people.

In a final act of photo thievery, here’s a photo of Bec’s that I love (“is that really what my hair looks like from the back?”):

And now for the official outfit shot, taken as all good outfit shots are, by my mother:

1950s frock Grandma Takes a Trip | Capelet Gumboots | Ribbon belt Lincraft | 1950s cane bag somewhere in the Newtown vintage wonderland | 1950s hat Alexandria Antiques Centre | 1950s necklace Grandma Takes a Trip | 1950s gloves Glebe

It’ll probably take me a year to prepare for next year. Thank god it’s only an annual affair – I couldn’t take any more than that.


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Fifties Fair Magic

All the Sydney vintage aficionados I know have been all aflutter this week preparing for the HHT Fifties Fair. It’s Kind Of A Big Deal, and it’s totally tomorrow. It’s like the prom of the Sydney vintage world. My hair is pin curled, my outfit is assembled, and I’m mentally prepped for some hardcore swing dancing.

Of course photos will make it onto the blog after tomorrow, but here’s a flashback to last year’s fair:

Now, to await the magic.

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Historic Houses Trust: Cover Girl

It’s a weird, existential moment when you find your face on a free postcard. I’ve been having this moment almost constantly as of late, having somehow become the cover girl for the Historic Houses Trust. (There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write). I think I may have peaked in life.

If you pop along to the Historic Houses Trust website for the next little while, you’ll find me gracing the front page in a very pink, very floral outfit (and wearing my beloved aqua cat eye specs). You can also pick me up from postcard stands all around Sydney. (Another sentence I never thought I’d write).

Here I am!

Thank you to Sarah for posting this snap to my Facebook page in a flurry.

And here are Jesse and Tim posing with me:

If you’re interested in more about the very pink, very floral outfit, pop over to my post about the 2011 Fifties Fair.

Cover girl status aside, I’m actually pretty excited about the Winter season of Historic Houses Trust events. The annual Fifties Fair (where the cover photograph was taken) is coming up in August, so naturally I’m browsing Etsy quite feverishly in search of frocks. There’s also an exhibition on Wartime Sydney on at the Museum of Sydney right now, which I’d love to make my way to at some point.

Plans, plans! Always so many plans.


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Fifties Fair

I have been anticipating the Fifties Fair at Rose Seidler House for quite some time, and I was thrilled to finally be all done up with my petticoat squashed into the passenger seat on my way to the fair. My best friend Bella and I had spent several hours pinning our hair and fastening our garter belts in preparation for this intense vintage experience, so it was with glee that we caught our first glimpses of victory rolls and cat eye glasses.

The fair was a glorious experience as per usual! Though the weather was a little schizophrenic, the crowd had cleverly accessorised with frilly umbrellas and parasols, so no hairdos suffered. Everybody was startlingly well-dressed, making the competition for the best-dressed quite cut-throat. It was hair flowers and seam stockings at every turn. Rose Seidler House was a stunning background to all the gossiping rockabilly girls and swing dancers. It was worth the inconvenience of removing your shoes to take a little tour around the house and drool over the furniture.

Rockabilly bands played all day, making me impatient to perfect my swing dancing (I’m on my second class!). A gorgeous rockabilly boy in a leather jacket asked me to dance before the parade, and I wish I could have said yes, but alas, my inadequate grasp of the lindy hop impeded on this pleasure!

Ok, here are the photos! They are predominately stolen from various internet sources, and I shall credit where possible (I admit I don’t quite recall where most are from).

Bella and I before packing off to the fair.

The outfit in all its splendour!

Posing with one of the girls I met in the parade, Coco (what a perfect 50s name!)

Some of the swing dancers!

Walking in the best-dressed parade! ’twas quite a moment.

My adorable friends Jesse and Tim competing for best-dressed couple.

The best-dressed contenders. (Taken from the North Shore Times)

My outfit credentials:

Dress – vintage, bought in Camden Passage, London (I think it’s early 60s, but I took down the hem)
Sunglasses – vintage 50s, bought at “The Emporium” in Greenwich, London
Jewellery – vintage 50s, bought at “Retrospeed” in Newtown, Sydney
Gloves – vintage, bought at “Retrospeed” in Newtown, Sydney
Handbag – vintage, bought at “Shag” in Paddington, Sydney
Seamed Stockings – authentic 50s, bought at “Grandma Takes a Trip” in Surry Hills, Sydney
Shoes – “Heyraud”, bought in Paris

’twas a wondrous fifties celebration! I’m already scouring Etsy for next year’s outfit.

For more photos, stalk this gallery and try to remain calm.


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