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It’s Always a Mojito Moment

Mojitos top my list of classic cocktails; they’re always classy and always delicious. I’ve had countless mojitos in my time as a legal drinking adult, and save for one unfortunate incident with a dark rum mojito, they are yet to disappoint me.

Apart from being delicious, the mojito has always seemed to me a particularly old-fashioned drink. Having investigated this further, I have discovered that the drink has a very illustrious history. It seems Ernest Hemingway himself was devoted to the mojito after it was first mixed up in Cuba in the 40s; and Ernest Hemingway was a very dapper man. Legend has it that he would frequent Bodeguita de Medio, a bar in Havana, where he would take his mojitos without sugar, but with a twist of grapefruit. Oh Hemingway. I feel like his literary spirit must linger amid the other spirits that mingle to create the mojito I continue to enjoy in 2011. Just a theory.

Not all mojitos were created equal. That is why I popped into the Green Room Lounge Bar in Enmore with my friend Alyssa last Friday night, for the mojitos there are perfect concoctions. We had a lovely mojito date, spending happy hour in earnest discussions of travel, lingerie, blogging and the like. Speaking of which, you can check out Alyssa’s blog here.

Dress: Sarah-Jane
Cardigan: Topshop
1950s bakelite bangles: Peppergreen Antiques, Berrima
Belt: Dangerfield
1950s necklace: Camden Passage markets, London
Hair flower: Sportsgirl


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The Mutual Appreciation Society: Thursday Night Bonding

Seeing as no self-respecting Arts student has class on Fridays, we go all out on Thursday nights for a post-torturous week bonding session. This involves several hours of a group of very like-minded people agreeing with each other quite vehemently about an array of subjects over pints of cider. For this reason, we have termed the group that meets on Thursdays “The Mutual Appreciation Society”. It is exactly that.

Part of our like-mindedness comes from our snappy dressing, so I now present to you some excellent snapshots of our stylish rendezvous this week. We went to “The Courthouse” in Newtown, but then ventured up Enmore Rd to visit “The Green Room Lounge”, which is a delightful 50s bar.

It seems that the crowds are yet to discover “The Green Room Lounge”; it was curiously empty for a Thursday night, which is saddening. The decor is entirely 50s in that pleasant mid-century modern style, and it’s all very calming when you settle down on one of the sofas in the dim lighting. At the far end of the room old movies are screening with subtitles on an endless loop. While we were there “Annie” played, and then “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Everything was so old-fashioned! The cocktails were also fabulous, with an extensive list stapled into a faux-movie program. I want to make this place our haunt.

I wore an extravagant outfit to uni this day. I braved a particularly poofy petticoat, which confused some passersby not used to dodging prominent skirts. The top I wore with this outfit is also deceiving – ’tis a dress! I’m a sly one. Here are the details:

Dress/Top – “Betty Page Clothing”, bought at “Faster Pussycat” in Newtown, Sydney
Skirt – vintage 50s, bought in Portland, Oregon
Belt – Alannah Hill
Hair flowers – Sportsgirl

Here we have the rather splendid Jesse, who was inspiring me with her pants ensemble – I’m not brave enough for pants yet (it’s been a few years). In this photo (check out the furniture in the bar!) she has donned Nick’s amazing bomber jacket, of which I am terribly envious.

Finally, check out the men in our contingent. Suspenders and bow ties all ’round! I’m proud to know such dapper men.

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