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Junktique: Sydney’s Quirkiest Vintage Accommodation

This afternoon, I took a pleasant post-uni stroll and wandered into “Junktique”, a vintage emporium of furniture, bric-à-brac and the like down Glebe Pt Road. I made plenty of wonderful (albeit expensive) discoveries in Junktique, but one was particularly revolutionary: a short lease rental apartment IN the emporium. Wild!

I’m not exactly in need of accommodation right now, but oh, how I wish I was. Not only is the apartment IN a vintage store (helloooo, ultimate dream), but it’s also entirely fitted out in vintage furniture and wonderful kitsch decor from the Junktique emporium. Here are some photos – try to remain calm.

The little area of Junktique that leads into The Glorious Vintage Apartment.

Bedroom #1: amazing dresser is amazing.

The living room: oh, the kitch-y pictures – they’re too much.

The kitchen: try not to freak out.

Bedroom #2: if only there were words enough to profess my love for that chair.

The bathroom: Stylish with a capital ‘S’.

All this can be yours for $1200/week, so about $170/night for four people – not bad, considering the exorbitant tariffs of Sydney hotels (AND you’ll be living in a vintage emporium). I don’t doubt that this is Sydney’s most eclectic accomodation.

If you’re a vintage traveller coming to Sydney, stay in Junktique’s vintage apartment! And then tell me about it – I want to live through you.

Until next time, happy travels – through cyberspace or otherwise.


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