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Love Vintage Fair

I couldn’t make it to the Love Vintage fair at Canterbury Racecourse for the opening night, so Sunday I went along with Jesse, Tim and Molly for the intense vintage experience. I was there for three exhausting hours – guys, shopping is hard. It was totally overwhelming, with so many fab stalls I didn’t quite know where to look.

I loved seeing the stall for the Darnell collection which I’ve had a little look at online. I met Charlotte Smith, the curator of the collection which was lovely. I also liked the Frankie Magazine stall – they were selling cute bunting, books of Frankie goodness, and a new men’s magazine called Smith Journal which I’d recommend to all the dapper males out there.

Apart from those stalls, it was all a blur of petticoats and costume jewellery, but of course a very pleasurable blur.

What I wore:

Dress: vintage 50s, from Camden Passage in London
Hat: vintage 40s, from Camden Passage markets in London
Hat pin: vintage, from Berrima
Belt: thrifted
Bag: retro (not sure of the era), from Fringe Bar markets in Paddington
Shoes: bought in Paris
Gloves: vintage 50s, bought in Bellingen

Here are my purchases:

I spied Kelly Doust from far away but was a little too starstruck to speak to her. Nevertheless, I bought her new book from Coco Repose. I’ve perused it a little, but I’ll post a review very soon.

I scoured the fair for sweater clips, asking all the jewellery exhibitors quite earnestly. I admit I’ve been looking for them ever since I started reading Andi B. Goode‘s blog as she has such a cute collection. They clip to either side of your cardigan to hold it over your shoulders – ingenious! Well I found a single gold pair. It’s a little damaged, but for $9 I decided to just quench my desire for sweater clips and make the purchase.

I have such a weakness for costume jewellery, so this purchase was inevitable. It matched my outfit perfectly – I love the pale pink chain.

This dress is so amazing. I expect you’ll see my wearing it in the near future.

I’m particularly proud of Jesse and Tim who made it into the Daily Telegraph looking adorable. Check it out here.

See you soon, friends.


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