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Mystery Bus

I bought tickets to the Sydney Fringe Festival “Mystery Bus” event a few weeks ago, and have been anticipating it quite fiercely. Despite it being frequently in my thoughts and discussed at length with my fellow attendees, I had little to no idea about the destination and programme of the event until the bus picked us up last night outside the Enmore Theatre. The sole information we had was that it would be somehow 50s swing dancing-themed, so naturally the crowd waiting in line was well-dressed.

Instead of displaying a route number, the bus spelled out “LOL” on its front, so the frivolity began as we were transported by a vehicle decked out in plastic flowers and question marks hanging from strings. The bus took us to a warehouse in  Marrackville, however it quickly became clear as we ascended the stairs that this was not in fact a warehouse, but rather quite a splendid bar called “The Camelot Lounge” casually placed in the big, anonymous industrial wasteland there. It was a very beautiful, fitting location for a 50s night, with old lino chairs littering the room and such. I was particularly impressed by the commitment to a camel motif, as it took the form of chairs, statues, pictures, hanging figures from the roof…

A rockabilly band played, and I wish I remembered their name for they were quite fabulous. Expert swing dancers took to the dance floor and made my six weeks of classes feel terribly inadequate. Seriously, I just want to fast-forward to when I can swing competently and at ease. Nevertheless, we made some attempts, and I’m not sure we were entirely unsuccessful. Dancing to rockabilly music makes me wonder how I could ever try dancing to anything else.

I should also mention the burlesque act, which featured two ladies, one dressed as a banana.

I regrettably didn’t take any outfit shots, but I wore something quite similar to this post, but instead with a fabulous petticoat-esque skirt. I’m certain it’ll surface on Ravishing Retro another day, so you’ll be able to appreciate its beauty in the near future. I think you should check out Jesse’s dress in this photograph, though, as she’s wearing a stunning dress from Bettie Page Clothing.

Top: Valley Girl
Skirt: Review

Here are some more photos from the night:


The Fringe Festival is providing excellent, titillating fun. Mystery bus tours are all sold out by now, but perhaps next year?

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