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A Dating Dilemma

I almost forgot I owned this frock until I dragged it out this morning to wear for an afternoon of antique-ing. I’ve always found it oddly and irritatingly era-ambigious, so I’m not surprised I put it out of my mind for awhile.

It’s a curious frock. Although I get quite a fierce 1940s vibe, what with the little puff sleeves, not-quite-full skirt, and satisfyingly old-feeling fabric, I can’t quite convince myself it’s 40s, considering how little I paid for it.

Vintage friends and dating extraordinaires, thoughts?

Era-ambigious vintage frock Cambridge, UK | Hair flower Circa Vintage | Belt borrowed from dear Callie | Shoes Macy’s

When I haven’t been obsessing about the era of my floral frock, I’ve been flitting about Sydney as per usual with various Old Hatters in tow. We had a glorious picnic that you can read all about very soon, among other things.

Until next time – bonne weekend, mes ami/es !


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Fanciful Heart-Prints

I was in the mood for a bit of fairy floss pink this morning, so I wore my fanciful heart tights to class. It was all a little neo-50s, in the most pleasant of ways – not a vintage item in sight. Perhaps I’ll swap seamed stockings for print tights more often.

Frock Bettie Page | Cardigan Louche, London | Cape SoWa Markets, Boston | Scarf  David Jones | Hair flower Sportsgirl | Tights Topshop | Shoes Bass



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Swing Dancing, Frivolity!

I look forward to Mondays quite fiercely these days, for Mondays are the days I dance around in an old church hall, twirling and holding hands with men. Swing dancing is delightful! I’ve only been to three classes, but already I feel a considerable sense of accomplishment, and can quite competently dance the Charleston to Elvis music alone in my bedroom (I’d ideally be at a 1950s prom with a powder blue-suited partner, but I suppose we make do and mend). My joy in this new pursuit is amplified by the pleasure of having so many of my friends decide that they too would like to learn the Lindy Hop. Consequently, there is a veritable posse for the swing dancing classes, and a post-swing gelato run. Marvellous!

I save some of my more swishy skirts for Mondays, and this week was no exception. Here’s what I wore to swing dancing this week, as well as a peek at my well-dressed friends.

This photo makes me look like Thumbelina, but I promise I’m not really that tiny. I blame the high angle photography!

Swishing skirts with my dear swing dancing companion Jesse, who was sporting a rather fetching 1940s ensemble.

Jesse and Tim: the power couple! What a well-dressed pair!

What I wore:
Dress – vintage 1950s, bought in Camden Passage, London
Cardigan – Alannah Hill (old season)
Belt – second-hand, bought in Portland, Oregon
Petticoat – vintage 1950s, from Coco Repose in Surry Hills, Sydney
Hair Flower – Sportsgirl
Tan Fishnet Stockings – Accessorize
Shoes – “Office”, bought in Cambridge, UK

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