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Historic Houses Trust: Cover Girl

It’s a weird, existential moment when you find your face on a free postcard. I’ve been having this moment almost constantly as of late, having somehow become the cover girl for the Historic Houses Trust. (There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write). I think I may have peaked in life.

If you pop along to the Historic Houses Trust website for the next little while, you’ll find me gracing the front page in a very pink, very floral outfit (and wearing my beloved aqua cat eye specs). You can also pick me up from postcard stands all around Sydney. (Another sentence I never thought I’d write).

Here I am!

Thank you to Sarah for posting this snap to my Facebook page in a flurry.

And here are Jesse and Tim posing with me:

If you’re interested in more about the very pink, very floral outfit, pop over to my post about the 2011 Fifties Fair.

Cover girl status aside, I’m actually pretty excited about the Winter season of Historic Houses Trust events. The annual Fifties Fair (where the cover photograph was taken) is coming up in August, so naturally I’m browsing Etsy quite feverishly in search of frocks. There’s also an exhibition on Wartime Sydney on at the Museum of Sydney right now, which I’d love to make my way to at some point.

Plans, plans! Always so many plans.


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I’m in Brisbane this weekend for no real reason, so I’m spending my time flitting about the city. I think I’ve spent too much of my life up to this point underrating Brisbane. Doing a bit of reading before I came up this weekend, I was surprised to see articles about a burgeoning creative scene I never knew existed. I’m not sure when this happened, but apparently Brisbane is cool these days.

Today I went out to West End, which as I understand it is sort of the equivalent to Newtown in Sydney. There were a few vintage/retro stores, and a great deal of excellent-looking eateries. I had the most divine breakfast at a café/bar called Jam Jar: poached eggs, mushrooms, wilted spinach etc etc. It had such a nice vibe, and Bettie Page was spray-painted onto the door to the bathroom (a way to win me over). I also stumbled upon a fabulous store called Kitten d’Amour in the CBD which sells clothes which sort of seem to be the love child of fifties, lolita and goth fashion. I bought a pin-up-esque outfit that I daresay you’ll see me sporting sometime soon.

My main question is “since when?”. Since when is Brisbane so cool? I’m totally won over.

What I wore today:

Cardigan: Topshop
Skirt: Lazy Bones
Hat: 1940s, Camden Passage Markets in London
Shoes: Accessorize
Bag: Fringe Bar Markets, Sydney


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