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A Delicious Sunday

It was a delightfully lazy Sunday, with blueberry pie, board games and minty lemon lime cordial. Friends descended on my house for several hours of solid bonding, and ’twas an excellent afternoon. Though I tend to resent summer, today I couldn’t help but enjoy it in all its sunburn-inducing glory. With the pleasant breeze and summer-y smell in the air, it felt very Anne of Green Gables as we poured glasses of apple cider and spread jam onto freshly-baked scones.

I wore a 1950s dress that I bought from a beautiful store called “Ark” that I frequented when I was in Cambridge. It is très summer-y and pleasant to wear. The green is so vibrant that I’m almost camouflaged against the grass (artificial or otherwise).

Dress – vintage 1950s, purchased in Cambridge, UK
Necklace – vintage 1950s costume jewellery, purchased in Camden Passage, UK
Ballet Flats – Accessorize
Belt – Alannah Hill (current season)

And here are some photographs of the day:

The friends I had gathered at my house: Jesse, Tim, Bella, Rachael, Nick.

Mmmm, check it out: fairy bread, pear and raspberry cake, bluberry pie, quiche lorraine. Are you feeling terribly hungry? I’m not. I ate all of this today.

I have really adorable friends.

 Apart from eating, we also spent the day listening to records in honour of Jimi Hendrix’s death day. So as we frolicked, made cocktails, bonded with my pet rabbit and the like, we had the dulcet tones of Billy Holiday and co as our soundtrack.

 Check out the beautiful record player – authentic 1950s! I wish it were mine.

Tally-ho friends!

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