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Fantasy Christmas Wish List

This post is my subtle hint to any friends, family members or rich strangers seeking to buy me gifts this Christmas. If that fails, consider this my little fantasy Christmas present haul (disclaimer: true meaning of Christmas etc etc). This year I’m lusting after:

1. The Fleur Dress by HeyDay

This has been on my wish list for so long, but thankfully it doesn’t seem likely that it’ll go out of stock anytime soon, what with its thousand or so reincarnations in a myriad of different fabrics. My favourite is the black Fleur dress with the daisies – I can see it slipping seamlessly into my life for day and evening-wear. And it’s so preeetty! It’s on sale for sixty pounds right now, which is still extravagant, but less so than before.

2. Snoods from Arthelia’s Attic

I’m so in love with the navy blue snood I ordered from Arthelia’s Attic on Etsy, that I now have an overwhelming urge to order it in all possible colours. My navy snood has converted me  – it’s so convenient and instantly glamorous. Thanks to my snood, I haven’t really had to think about the back of my hair in awhile. The gorgeous store Arthelia’s Attic sells them for about $20 each.

3. A new petticoat

Poor Michelle, with not enough petticoats to fill her wardrobe. It’s frivolous but true that I am in dire need of some new flouncy petticoats in my life. My original crinoline has deflated a little with time and is sadly a little short, so I require a suitably poofy knee-length petticoat, preferably nylon chiffon. Unfortunately they retail online for ridiculous amounts. Perhaps in time!

4. What Katie Did Seam Stockings

Seam stockings are the staple of my life. Buying a new batch is always inevitable, so a pile of fresh What Katie Did stockings would make me very, very content. Basic black and tan are the way to go, plus throw in a few pairs of contrast black seamed for good measure. If you browse the website, you’ll find there’s a fab deal wherein you can buy three pairs for ten pounds which is pretty great.

5. A Jumper or Pinafore

I’ve been lusting after pinafores for awhile now. I think it’s the versatility that thrills me so – I can imagine wearing jumpers or pinafores with every blouse I own in quick succession, with nobody suspecting a thing. There are a couple I’ve set my sights on, but seeing as they cost actual money (I know, I know) they are evading me right now.

$89 from Bettie Page Clothing 

$129 from Jitterbuggin on Etsy

6. A collar from Molly Made

My friend Molly makes these delightful peter pan collars and sells them on Etsy, and I’m utterly entranced. Seriously, they’re so adorable, and I can imagine them jazzing up outfits to no end.

Well even if you’re not feverishly rushing off to order these things for me (which I don’t exactly expect you are), consider this my “gift guide” of sorts for your vintage-loving friends and acquaintances. I hope your Christmas shopping is going tremendously well, and that you are putting the finishing touches on your extravagant travel plans for the summer.

If you’ve posted your Christmas wish list, link me! I love reading them.

Disclaimer: I am an “affiliate” of What Katie Did, but their hosiery is so smashing that they would almost certainly still feature on my wish list even if this was not the case at all.


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Baking in Blue

Today I baked:

Oh la la – check out my Shepherd’s Pie. I lined a cake tin with shortcrust pastry, filled it with leftover Bolognese from last night’s dinner, added mashed potato on the top plus a sprinkling of grated cheese, and cooked it in the oven for fifteen minutes. Mmmm.

Dress: Basque, Myer
Belt: C’s Flashback, Crown St
Shirt: borrowed from Mother – Ralph Lauren
Snood and Bow: Arthelia’s Attic

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Outfit Post: November 14

Bonjour friends! Today: an outfit post. This is what I wore for an outing into the city yesterday for shopping, a birthday celebration and the like. It’s one of the few outings this dress has had since I brought it back from London in August, and I don’t know why because I’m such a fan. It was made by British label Sika which sources ethically-made fabrics from West Africa and then fashions them into adorable 50s-inspired frocks such as the one I’m wearing here.

This was also one of the first few outings of my snood which was an eagerly-anticipated addition to my life. I bought it on etsy from Arthelia’s Attic, and it’s so fabulous, I don’t know whatever I did without one. Admittedly my hair was never long enough, but seriously, it’s so great – the bow tops it off.

I hope your week is excellent.

Dress: Sika
Belt: Zoo Emporium, Surry Hills
1950s bag: Brisbane Antique Centre
1950s bakelite bangles:  Peppergreen Antiques, Berrima
1940s brooch: Berrima
Snood: Arthelia’s Attic
Shoes: Bloch

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