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Nautical is Nice-ical

On our annual family pilgrimage to visit Grandma and co. for Easter this year, I managed to get my nautical Bettie Page frock in the most picture-perfect of settings: a  pretty seaside town. Sartorial harmony!

Frock Bettie Page | Shoes Bloch | Hair flowers Sportsgirl

Much nautical, vintage love to you all ❤


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Aspen, Colorado

Aspen, Colorado is a veritable Winter Wonderland. In Sydney I’m forced to pretend it’s cold enough for whatever ridiculous wool coat I’ve acquired, and end up sweating my way to class, but here I have every reason and right to wrap up in elaborate ensembles and cook mulled wine. Oh, the Colorado winter – so Snowglobe-esque.

The sub-zero temperatures have given me the perfect opportunity to don the coat I bought in Berrima in September. Since its purchase, I’ve decided it’s probably a late 1960s coat, seeing as it has overlocking on the inside seams (which wasn’t commercially available until 1965). It has proved the perfect coat for Aspen weather, and looks quite fetching with a petticoat and cape-turned-scarf.

I met up with my dear friend Alyssa last night, and we had a wonderful time navigating Aspen and drinking cocktails (read: hot chocolate, as I am under 21). We took some lovely shots amid the glorious Christmas lights which pepper the town in the Winter months.

Coat: Peppergreen Antiques
Dress: Sarah-Jane
Scarf: Cape-turned-scarf, Morro Bay
Flower: Sportsgirl
Boots: Macy’s

Here are some more lovely shots of Aspen by night – so cute:


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Christmas Eve

Bonsoir, friends. ’tis Christmas Eve, and before I run along to gobble some Christmas chocolates and drink red wine before bed, I thought I’d send out some Christmas cheer to the blogosphere. While I’m at it, I’ll show you my Christmas Eve outfit.

I wore this rather festive red and green frock tonight, which befitted the occasion quite wonderfully:

Sarah Jayne, also worn here
Crossover: Blooms, stolen from Mother
Hair flower: Sportsgirl

Merry Christmas and such!


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