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Glebe Point Rd

Today I took a leisurely stroll down Glebe Point Rd with my friend Rachael. It was a glorious spring day, with flowers peppering the scenery like they couldn’t even help but be glorious. ’tis day two of spring, and it’s already blue skies and daisies at every turn. Soon I’ll have to abandon the angora sweaters and stockings to make way for breezy summer frocks. This makes me terribly sad, for though I love the idea of summer, the reality is far from the lemonade-and-Pimms-drinking fantasy I dream up in the winter months. Summer for me is forehead sweat, melting lipstick, sunburn, sticky train carriages and ill-fated beach trips. Alas! This is why I plan on moving to somewhere ridiculously cold like Russia.

Top – Valleygirl
Cardigan – Alannah Hill
Skirt – Laura Ashley
Belt – Alannah Hill
Seam Fishnet Stockings – Leona Edmiston
Shoes – “Office”, bought in Cambridge, UK
Hair Flower – Sportsgirl
Bag – bought at Portobello Rd markets, UK

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