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Magnificent Hair: The Leopard Lounge, Sydney

I’ve always been a little promiscuous with my hair salons, but I think I may have finally been tempted into monogamy by The Leopard Lounge in Newtown. I spent the most heavenly afternoon there this week, touching up my colour and getting the ever-elusive midi haircut with the very lovely Milena. It was all 50s/60s boudoir décor, Beatles music, vodka-spiked setting lotion and retro chit-chat. Milena even has a well-stocked vintage bar – so divine.

Here are some snaps of the salon:

And now for the hair, styled into a glorious set of Dita-esque curls. Also, rad 50s specs!

I had a Lady Gaga concert in the evening, so it was a good day to visit The Leopard Lounge. Here I am in all my concert regalia later on in the day:

Lace capelet DIY | Bra Marlies DekkersCorset What Katie Did | Gloves Gallery Serpentine, Sydney | 1950s petticoat The Attic, Las Vegas | 1950s clip The Leopard Lounge

Happy, well-coiffed love to you all!


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An Octopus’ Garden in the Shade

Cocooned away safely from the rain in Rachael’s house today, we celebrated the 20th birthday of our friend Nick. We lavished him with gentlemanly gifts (think a hip flask, playing cards, vintage men’s grooming tools…), feasted for hours, drank champagne, tried and failed to commit to a game of scrabble, and scrambled about the house and garden taking photos for hours. It was quite marvellous. The result of all this is a slew of lovely/entertaining photos that I will now share:

My outfit:

Dress: vintage 50s, purchased in Camden Passage, London – also worn here
Cardigan: half-way through the day I swapped cardigans with Jesse, so the one I’m wearing here is from Portman’s, but the other cream lace number is thrifted
Belt: Valleygirl
Stockings: Leg Avenue, purchased from “Retrospec’d” in Newtown
Flats: Accessorize
Hair Flowers: Accessorize
Necklace: vintage 50s, purchased from “Retrospec’d” in Newtown

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