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Las Vegas: Curiouser and Curiouser

Hellooo from Las Vegas, vintage friends! Vegas is a curious, curious place. It’s so curious that I have hardly enough outlandish words with which to adequately describe it, so rather than narrate my adventures, these photos in pretty frocks will have to suffice:

Paris, Las Vegas

Vegas seems to be really into pretending it’s not Vegas.

Venice, Las Vegas

My hotel happens to feature an artificial canal, a painted sky ceiling à la Harry Potter, Venetian souvenir stores and gondola rides. It’s quite weird, but also fun in a we’re-totally-in-Disneyland kind of way.

Ancient Rome, Las Vegas

The hotel across the road periodically catches fire. Just casually. For some reason they installed an artificial volcano.

The shopping is also pretty excellent. This Ralph Lauren jacket and I can never be, but we spent a beautiful ten minutes together.

I also seem to have developed a penchant for Western-wear.

We already know I have a penchant for Bettie Page. Sigh sigh.

Each hotel, and each outfit more extravagant than the last.

This beautiful red cape has been my constant companion. Picked up for a song in Sydney, it’s been flitting about with me here in Vegas and soliciting cries of “yo, Little Red Riding Hood!” everywhere I go.

As a final note, Happy Valentine’s Day and all that! I wouldn’t usually mention it, except that I happened to witness about a dozen weddings (some in gondolas), and a magnificent proposal in my hotel today. Apparently here it’s Kind Of A Big Deal.

I’ll be back with reports from the world’s largest vintage store and a hot rod exhibition – until then, à bientôt !


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